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Measuring the impact of Mowgli's mentoring of SMEs

Genesis Analytics was contracted by Mowgli Mentoring to act as a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) partner to Mowgli Mentoring and provide M&E support with a particular focus on building a competitive evidence base to prove the impact of its mentoring programme.

Mowgli Mentoring’s mentoring programme is designed to empower commercial and social entrepreneurs within small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and family businesses by matching them with trained mentors and facilitating the setting of the foundations to enable a long-term trust based and mutually beneficial mentoring relationship to develop. In order to reduce the cost per beneficiary of their mentoring programme as well as increase the access to and reach of mentoring, Mowgli Mentoring is seeking to develop new and efficient delivery systems through an online model of their mentoring programme.

As a result of this potential transition, Mowgli Mentoring contracted Genesis as an M&E partner, whose role is to support the organisation to effectively measure and track implementation and to provide an independent review of the programme. The M&E partnership will ensure that two groups of tasks are effectively undertaken for Mowgli Mentoring:

  • Collecting and generating knowledge: Genesis developed the necessary tools to enable the collection of data throughout the mentoring cycle, which can be collated, analysed and used to inform decision-making on an ongoing basis.
  • Evaluating change: Genesis is currently rigorously measuring the influence that Mowgli Mentoring and the programme are having on the beneficiaries of the programme in Kenya. The findings will be disaggregated and presented in a manner that is useful and understood by relevant stakeholders.

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