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Learning partner to Rockefeller Foundation's Food Initiative

Rapid population growth has led to a greater demand for food that is outstripping supply.

In Africa smallholder agriculture provides most of the food consumed, but smallholder farmers are often extremely poor. They barely produce enough high-quality food to meet their own families’ nutritional requirements and are the largest recipients of food aid in the world.

The Rockefeller Foundation’s Food Initiative aims to work with a number of partners to tackle the broken food system and improve the quality of diets of millions of people. The East Africa portfolio of the initiative aims to contribute to improving the quality of diets of 10 million vulnerable children and their families through three pathways: stimulating private sector-led models, supporting financing for nutrition and improving the enabling environment.

The Rockefeller Foundation appointed Genesis as the Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning (MERL) partner for the Food Initiative’s East Africa portfolio.

In our role as the MERL partner, Genesis has supported the foundation to develop the initiative’s theory of change and to build the MEL framework based on learning questions that are reflective of the evolving nature of the initiative and the global context.

Genesis will also support the implementation to ensure that MERL activities are responsive to the unfolding programme activities and consolidate learnings to ensure knowledge and learning opportunities are maximised for future interventions.

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