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Learning partner in consumer financial education

Along with the implementation of consumer financial education projects, one of the FSB’s goals is to become a thought leader in consumer education in South Africa.

As the Secretariat of the National Consumer Financial Education Committee and market-conduct authority under the Twin Peaks model of regulation, the FSB plays a pivotal and influential role within this space. To further entrench itself as a thought leader, it is important that the FSB generates and disseminates lessons and best practices about the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of consumer education projects.

In order to ensure that these are appropriately captured, Genesis developed a learning agenda for the FSB’s consumer-education project portfolio. This includes specific learning questions that are answered through various research methods, drawing on the monitoring and evaluation of the FSB’s current and future projects, as well as additional research gathered from financial-service providers, policy-makers and researchers.

The FSB learning agenda and research investigate the impacts of consumer education on beneficiaries, and generate many valuable insights into what works successfully - for whom and under what circumstances.

Genesis is working with the FSB to ensure that this knowledge will be published and distributed in evaluation reports on the FSB website, in local and international policy and business forums and at conferences. We intend and expect that FSB learnings will be shared broadly and applied in the real world of consumer-education programmes and policies, as well as in broader financial inclusion, to improve programmatic outcomes.

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