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Learning partner for ASISA Foundation

The ASISA Foundation was established by the Association for Savings and Investment South Africa (ASISA) under their Foster the Future initiative to implement meaningful consumer financial education (CFE) initiatives on behalf of the industry, with the explicit goal of becoming a centre of best practice for CFE.

To achieve this goal and become a thought leader in this field, the foundation places a great deal of importance on the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of its CFE programmes, and the learning that comes through this process.

By continuously learning from its own CFE programmes and adapting its approach to CFE in response, the foundation is able to generate lessons and good practices regarding the implementation and M&E of CFE programmes more broadly. The foundation then disseminates these lessons to the ASISA membership as well as to other organisations in the financial sector implementing CFE programmes.

The foundation first contracted Genesis as its monitoring, evaluation and learning partner in 2014 to evaluate and provide ongoing feedback on its pilot CFE programme, Saver Waya-Waya. This evaluation generated a number of lessons and recommendations. The most notable of these was the effectiveness of repeat messaging through a variety of delivery mechanisms, and the importance of targeting groups of individuals who are in a similar stage of life so as to better contextualise the messaging.

Considering these lessons, the foundation has since funded three, more targeted, interventions. These interventions have all been designed explicitly, based on the recommendations emerging from the evaluation of the pilot Saver Waya-Waya programme:

Project Qaphela/Wagewise: This programme targets employed workers and focuses on the importance of understanding payslips, debt and benefit statements. The programme was implemented and evaluated in 2015 and in 2016. A third phase of the programme will begin in 2017. Each iteration has informed the design of the following phase.
Saver Waya-Waya TVET: This programme targets young adults through Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges and includes a soft-skills component to prepare the students for the world of work. The programme was implemented and evaluated in 2016.
Saver Waya-Waya FLAME: This programme targets mature adults through savings groups and community centres and incorporates a micro-enterprise element to the CFE. This programme is currently underway.

Genesis continues to work in close partnership with the foundation as its monitoring, evaluation and learning partner across its full portfolio of CFE programmes. Through this partnership, Genesis has directly unlocked value for the foundation by providing actionable recommendations to improve the design of its programmes.

SAVER WAYA-WAYA: ASISA Foundation’s Financial Literacy Programme

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Top photo: TVET students perform their industrial theatre production as part of ASISA's Saver Waya-Waya programme

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