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Learning for better learning: Evaluating FiDA's learning partnership

The Partnership for Finance in a Digital Africa (FiDA), hosted by Caribou Digital, is the learning partner to the Mastercard Foundation’s Next Generation Financial Services (NGFS) portfolio.

Launched in October 2016, FiDA was established to work closely with the Mastercard Foundation and its eight NGFS portfolio partners to promote financial inclusion through digital financial services, to aggregate and synthesise knowledge emerging from the portfolio, conduct research to address key knowledge gaps, and identify the implications for those working in the space.

Caribou Digital appointed Genesis to conduct a strategic and forward-looking mid-term evaluation of FiDA to inform their future direction in the changing context of the digital world as well as the new Mastercard Foundation strategy. The purpose of the evaluation was therefore to reflect on the progress of the learning partnership against its objectives to date, and explore FiDA’s potential new role in the Foundation’s Young Africa Works strategy, to ensure that the learning partnership remains relevant to the needs of the Foundation.

Genesis collaborated closely with the FiDA team and the Mastercard Foundation to ensure that the findings from the evaluation were turned into actionable recommendations for the partnership to act on as it revisits the strategy going forward.

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