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Impact of in-school classes for budding entrepreneurs

The startUP&go programme is funded by the International Labour Organisation and provided to learners in grades 10, 11 and 12 who are enrolled for business studies in Free State province.

The programme aims to develop entrepreneurial interest and intention by supplementing the curriculum resources for use in the classroom.

Genesis Analytics was contracted to conduct an impact evaluation targeting learners who had completed three years of the programme between 2012-2015.

Key to this is establishing what young people are doing now, whether they are using the resources provided by startUP&go and whether they are running their own businesses or in the process of starting a business.

The evaluation will use baseline data collected in 2012 to compare changes which may have happened because of the programme. This will inform further roll-out of the programme to new schools.

ILO policy brief: Educating entrepreneurs: Can in-school youth be taught to start a business? Evidence from South Africa

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