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Genesis leads UK project on climate-smart agriculture support

Genesis has been comissioned by DFID to conduct an 18-month climate-smart agricultural education and policy support project that aims to support the governments of Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

The Climate Smart Agricultural Education and Policy project (CSEP) supports the three countries in three areas: climate education, climate policy and climate finance.

CSEP is a prime example of how coordination and sustainability can be built into donor-funded work. It builds on the important work that Genesis previously implemented under the DFID-funded Vuna programme.

Climate change poses a major challenge to the agricultural sectors of Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. To help these countries deal effectively with these challenges, Genesis will:

• Support the development and dissemination of up to date and relevant academic curricula at technical training colleges;
• Support the development and implementation of climate smart policy frameworks;
• Build the capacity of national governments to access global climate funds that can accelerate the necessary activities to combat the effects of climate change.


A field day to teach farmers better farming practices

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