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Genesis helps business to return to work safely after lockdown

Strict COVID-19 lockdown measures allowed South Africa to prepare our healthcare system and protocols, but it soon became evident that though lives might be saved, livelihoods were increasingly threatened.

To emerge out of lockdown, South African businesses needed clear guidance on how to re-open safely and remain open according to national guidelines and regulations. Genesis was retained by the Public-Private Growth Initiative (PPGI) to demystify and increase adherence to regulations, using insights from behavioural economics.

Businesses needed clear, actionable guidance on how to re-open safely and according to the multitudinous, often vague, regulations. Blending behavioural science and occupational health and safety, the team designed and implemented the www.return2work.co.za site in partnership with Harambee.

Our mandate was to:

  • Provide a user-friendly roadmap for businesses on how to re-open
  • Link users to necessary tools to re-open (e.g. risk assessment frameworks, permits)
  • Update as regulations and alert levels changed
  • Guide businesses how to stay open safely
  • Link users to the required resources to stay open
  • Promote website engagement by partnering with wide-reaching South African businesses.

The return2work website received about 100 views a day in early May, increasing to 80,000 visits as of 22 June. The initial goal was 10x, and the team achieved more than 800x. Feedback from users commend an excellent resource, enabling many businesses to return to work safely, and to remain open with confidence.

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