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Feasibiliy of SME soy-based food processing in Mozambique

Genesis was contracted by the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) to conduct a feasibility study in Mozambique to determine strategies that would foster the widespread adoption of soybean processing at SME level and consumption at household level.

To assess the feasibility of introducing soy-based food processing and products into the Mozambican market, Genesis conducted stakeholder interviews with various actors in the soybean industry. These included soy processing microenterprises, government institutions, equipment fabricators, financial institutions, input suppliers, and donor programmes.

Research on soybean production and processing across the Southern African region was also conducted with the objective of synthesising regional lessons to inform proposed strategies for scaling the processing and marketing of soy-food products.

The study found that AGRA could support the scaling of soy-food processing and consumption in Mozambique by addressing the following key constraints: consumer knowledge on the benefits of soy-based food, SME soy-processing expertise and capacity, and equipment financing

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