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Feasibility study for Songwe River Basin

Genesis worked with the African Development Bank to provide technical support for the structuring and implementation of the Songwe River Basin Development Project – a transboundary project on the border of Tanzania and Malawi.

The project involved an 180-MW hydropower plant, irrigation scheme and a range of social infrastructure initiatives. Our mandate was to develop an effective financing strategy and assess the potential for attracting private sector investors into the project, primarily in the hydropower plant and irrigation schemes through PPP arrangements.

Our analysis involved the financial and economic appraisal of the various project elements and the design of sustainable financing strategies. Drawing on different financing instruments and sources of finance, we looked for models that are likely to be attractive to the private sector while still retaining the important socio-economic development goals of the respective governments.

Malawi, Tanzania launch US $829m Songwe River Basin commission

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