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Evaluating plan to reduce post-harvest loses for Kenyan mango farmers

Genesis was contracted to conduct an end-of-project evaluation of YieldWise Scale-Up to assess the extent to which the project had achieved expected results in reduction of post-harvest losses (PHL) for mango farmers.

The evaluation assessed:

  • How the YieldWise interventions contributed to overcoming the challenges faced by smallholder farmers that result in PHL;
  • The impact of YieldWise intervention on the income earned from mangos of smallholder farmers; and,
  • The extent to which beneficiary smallholder farmers had adopted PHL technologies.

The evaluation used a difference-in-difference approach in comparing the progress of farmers between midline and endline time periods.

A key recommendation from the evaluation was that the programme would need to focus on creation of market channels for the farmers to further reduce post-harvest losses. The evaluation provided lessons to support current and future TechnoServe and Rockefeller Foundation interventions in the mango value chain.

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