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Economic impact of De Beers on Botswana

De Beers, the world’s largest diamond miner, has been in partnership with the government of Botswana for 50 years - arguably the world’s most successful public-private partnership.

De Beers asked Genesis and PwC to produce an independent report to analyse the economic contribution of the partnership to Botswana.

The report included the history of the partnership from 1967 and an analysis of the economic contributions in 2014.


The findings were launched at a Chatham House conference in Gaborone in 2015. More than 1 000 people tuned into the live feed of the conference and the website was viewed 1 600 times over the two days. With over 2 300 unique mentions on social media, the hashtag #Botswana2015 was seen more than 12.5 million times.

Ryan Short presents findings at Chatham House conference in Gaborone

The economic contribution of De Beers to Botswana

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