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Evaluating ILO job creation project for Syrian refugees and Jordanians

Recognising the impact of the influx of Syrian refugees on the Jordanian labour market, as well as Jordan’s pre-existing labour context, the ILO is working with partners and the Jordanian government at various levels to ensure better rights at work, support decent employment opportunities, and promote better living conditions.

As part of its broader strategy in Jordan, the ILO, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, launched an initiative in November 2016 focusing on supporting Syrian refugees’ and Jordanians’ access to “green work” in the agriculture sector using an employment-intensive method. The developmental goal of the project was to promote better living conditions for Syrian refugees and Jordanians through increased decent work in the agricultural sector and an improved environment.

Genesis conducted the final evaluation to assess the project against its objectives, capture lessons learnt, comment on the project’s impact to date, and provide recommendations that could inform future programming.

To meet the purpose of the assignment, the evaluation used predominantly qualitative methods and was guided by an analytical framework. The evaluation found that the project was successful in achieving its explicit targets in a short period of time. However, without more focus on a sustainability strategy, these achievements will be short lived. Key recommendations therefore included emphasis on programme design to ensure that sustainability is built into future iterations of the project.

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