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Evaluating entrepreneurial tools for SME growth

Genesis was contracted by the Small Enterprise Assistance Fund (SEAF) to conduct an external evaluation of the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development (CEED) programme to assess its performance to date.

SEAF, an investment and management group, observed that many entrepreneurs lacked, among others, the knowledge, tools, and connections needed to support business growth.

SEAF founded the CEED programme with the aim of developing entrepreneurial ecosystems in emerging and transition markets in an effort to help SMEs grow, scale, and realise their full potential. Genesis incorporated in-person and virtual FGDs with CEED entrepreneurs to ensure that the contribution story is captured for all CEED centres.

A key finding from the value for money analysis conducted was that for entrepreneurial programmes, impact is often proven after a few years of working with the entrepreneurs.

This was evidenced by higher value for money values for older CEED centres, compared with the newer centres. The findings from the evaluation informed recommendations that focused on the CEED’s strategy and how the CEED could improve its model globally.

A summary of the evaluation findings and the response by the CEED’s management to the 2019 impact evaluation can be found here and for the Argidius report, click here.

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