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Developing Sustainability Roadmaps for HIV/AIDS and TB in SA

Sustainability planning is becoming a vital part of HIV/AIDS programming and public-health management in South Africa as the country seeks to achieve ambitious goals to suppress HIV/AIDS and TB in an increasingly limited resource setting.

Transitioning away from external funding in favour of greater domestic investment in HIV programmes in a highly constrained fiscal environment, requires a sharp focus on realising allocative and technical efficiencies and on identifying opportunities for innovative financing.

The South African National AIDS Council (SANAC), with support from the Global Fund, appointed Genesis Analytics to facilitate national and provincial-level progress towards achieving the country’s sustainability objectives for HIV/AIDS and TB. This assignment will be led by the Health practice with support from the Human Development practice. The main outputs expected from this joint solution process are:

  • An effective and productive National Sustainability Technical Working Group
  • A National Sustainability Framework and Action Plan for HIV/AIDS in South Africa
  • Nine provincial roadmaps to achieve measurable and time-bound sustainability goals for HIV/AIDS.

The sustainability planning products will be developed through a multi-sector, co-production process. The project will emphasise building consensus on how to address sustainability challenges through forging commitment and accountability at provincial level.

SANAC and a number of government departments will use these sustainability planning products to inform national and provincial strategic and budget planning exercises, and support the country’s next funding request to the Global Fund in August 2021.

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