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Developing Mpumalanga's M&E framework

The Office of the Premier in Mpumalanga contracted Genesis to develop the province’s M&E framework.

This involved setting up the framework for information flow to support evidence-based decision-making, as well as developing the indicators needed to measure progress across all 14 provincial outcomes.

In developing the M&E framework, we followed a results-based management approach, leveraging our understanding of government processes to create a framework that provided a solid foundation for systematic implementation that would deliver consolidated and evidence-based reporting and decision-making.

By reflecting on national documentation and frameworks, and reviewing all existing provincial frameworks, we ensured alignment and comprehensiveness within the M&E framework. The M&E framework was developed in a way that sought to instil ownership and ensure usefulness and relevance for the department.

In particular, it was tailored to the needs and capacity of provincial staff members, as assessed through readiness assessments, and acquired the necessary buy-in through iterative presentations and workshops.

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