Building internal behavioural team at large European bank

Project name:
Assessing the ability of BE to move the dial in the branch network of an Eastern European bank _ Building value through behavioural economics Phase II

Applied behavioural economics

Financial services strategy

Area of Expertise:
Capacity building

Large European retail bank

2015 - 2017


Genesis was commissioned to build a fully functional internal behavioural economics capability at a large European retail bank. 

The first phase was an assessment. In the second phase, over the course of six months, the Genesis team upskilled internal staff members, facilitated executive training, and piloted the approach in the marketing & communications, branch, and contact-centre teams. 

Overall, the work delivered on the ambition of building an internal team. Further, the pilots demonstrated multiple successes, building internal buy-in, including a 76% increase in financial product sales through the contact centre, a 42% increase in primary account sales in branches, and more than doubling online product sales.


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