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Building internal behavioural economics capacity

Based on a series of successful projects, over the course of 2017, Genesis Analytics worked with a large, long-term client to help establish an internal behavioural economics capability.

It enabled the client to optimise and scale-up the applications of behavioural economics throughout the organisation. As industry experts, the Genesis team played a key role throughout the process of building the capability.

Working closely with internal stakeholders, the team assisted with the development of an operating and cost-recovery model, as well as the design of job specifications, the recruitment strategy, the recruitment process and screening candidates.

Following the recruitment of three team members, Genesis drove the onboarding and upskilling with respect to behavioural economics projects and initiatives.

Over the course of 2018, Genesis will continue to play a central role in driving the success of the new internal team by assisting management with demand creation throughout the organisation and supporting the internal team on various projects.

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