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Redesign of Agriculture Technical Assistance Fund

The Technical Assistance Facility (TAF) was set up to support the African Agricultural Fund (AAF) improve food security in Africa through more inclusive value chains and greater food production.

In 2014, Genesis was contracted by TechnoServe, Inc. to establish good practice and international M&E frameworks, using guidelines and standards from the EU, IFAD, UK DFID, FAO and DCED.

The outcome of this research was used to review TAF’s M&E framework to bring it into line with international standards, improve its comprehensiveness and maximise its utility. This project was conducted in a consultative manner that ensured greater ownership and commitment to the use of the M&E system within TAF and its projects, taking into consideration the capacity and feasibility of M&E tasks at the project level.

Genesis has been retained by TAF to provide on-going support in the implementation of the system, as well as assisting in the M&E training of its grantees.

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