All the George Floyds: Genesis condemns racism and injustice

We would like to reflect on the devastating effects of racism and acknowledge the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmed Arbery, Collins Khosa and Yassin Hussein Moyo.

The death of George Floyd has ignited a global outcry against racism but it is worth remembering that the violence of racism is not an American sickness alone. It has a systemic presence in South Africa, where we are headquartered. Here, the COVID crisis has served as another reminder of the painful differences between white and black, between the privileged and the marginalised, and between the citizen and the foreigner. Many other countries in which we work are also marked by ethnic and economic prejudice, with similarly brutal consequences.

At Genesis, we condemn racism and all forms of injustice. We are further committed to creating a safe environment for honest conversations about race and how we can effectively upend the systemic racism that many of our team members experience every day.

Our transformation vision stresses four things: openness, inclusion, compassion and respect. Saying them is easy, but making them true for every individual we come across is a deeply personal project that lasts a lifetime.

The martyrs of racial prejudice are calling to each of us by our name: to keep trying, to redouble our efforts, to work to heal the world of this terrible wound. We dare not ignore this tragic, life-giving appeal.

Stephan Malherbe, Chair| Genesis Analytics