Second Behavioural Economics course later this year

The Applied Behavioural Economics (ABE) team at Genesis Analytics will run another course on Behavioural Economics in Action following the success of the two-day workshop in April.

Eighteen participants attended the second instalment of Behavioural Economics in Action, a two-day, interactive course designed to equip participants with an understanding of behavioural economics and how it can be applied to various sectors. Their areas of work ranged from financial services and retail to education and public health.

The course was a great success. Participants reported that they found the course content to be relevant, easy to understand and had a good mix of practical and theoretical work.

  • “The group work was great for consolidating learning and helping in the reflection on content delivered.”
  • “Excellent course content and presentation delivery and balance of theory and application.”
  • “All went really well and was interactive.”

It provided the participants with useful and actionable insights for applying behavioural economics in their lines of work. The course was facilitated by Udette Kirsch, an external facilitator who specialises in corporate training, Julia Standish-White, an analyst in the ABE team, and Samantha Booth, a manager in the ABE team. Course content was also delivered by Neil Lightfoot and Samantha Rosenberg.

The course concluded with a case-study competition. Participants were given a case study that investigated poor error reporting in “Alpha Fuels Industry”. The quality of the four groups’ presentations was very high, and the ABE panel, consisting of Luwela Nodada, Boitshepo Gaitate and Samantha Rosenberg, had a tough time deciding the winner. Ultimately, the most compelling and behaviourally informed group, consisting of Emma Heyns, Nyakalo Ndlovu, Amira Elibiary and Workmore Chimweta, was victorious. The winners represented a wide range of interests from financial services to retail and health.

“The success of the course reflects the growing interest in the field of behavioural economics as well as the wide-ranging applications of the field to vastly different problems,” said Booth. “The ABE team was delighted to host such a successful workshop and to receive such positive feedback on the content and delivery.”

ABE will run another course in the next quarter, so keep an eye out for our upcoming communications.

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Behavioural Economics in action


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