Genesis to host second behavioural economics training workshop

The Applied Behavioural Economics (ABE) team at Genesis Analytics is excited to announce the second introductory behavioural economics training course.

We are a team of experts in understanding and changing human behaviour. We have successfully applied behavioural economics to solve business problems (increasing sales by 44% and retention by 155%) as well public sector challenges (increasing bookings for HIV prevention interventions by 30%).

We will share our knowledge and experience in this course - outlining core principles of behavioural economics as well as how these principles can be applied to address real world problems. The course is for those who have read about nudges and biases, but want a better understanding of how behavioural economics can be applied and integrated into their work.

The Behavioural Economics in Action training workshop will be hosted in Johannesburg on 3 and 4 April 2019. Due to the hands-on format, we will only be able to accommodate a small number of delegates.

The course provides a foundation in:

  • Concepts: We will introduce you to key behavioural economics principles (for example, how biases and heuristics impact decision-making) and outline how these can be used to understand and change human behaviour
  • Methodology: We will provide you with basic tools to design and implement behavioural economics interventions in your work
  • Examples: You will read several case studies and practice using behavioural economics to solve real world challenges in both public and private sector settings

Total Cost: R10, 700 (excluding VAT) per person with discounts available for group bookings

Participants: Professionals from both the private and public sector with five years of experience, prepared to get their hands dirty in the messy world of behaviour change!

Deadline for Applications: 22 March 2019

Apply here

If you are interested in learning how to create large impacts through small changes, or are simply interested in understanding your customers and clients better, please email Julia Standish-White at