Genesis works with health workers to launch new HIV prevention ring

The International Partnership for Microbicides has employed Genesis for the next phase of their planned launch of the Dapivirine vaginal ring (DVR), a product for women to protect themselves from contracting HIV. 

The DVR has been shown to reduce new HIV infections in women 18-45 by 30% and up to 60% with continued and consistent use. This is crucial to meeting the UNAIDS goal of ending the epidemic by 2030. Women-centred HIV protection is especially important as women can have difficulty negotiating other means of protection with their partner. 

In 2017, Genesis conducted brand naming and packaging studies with end users. Building on that research, the team will now embark on a study of healthcare professionals and policymakers in Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe who will be responsible for providing the ring to women.

The research will examine the knowledge, attitudes and perceptions of healthcare workers at all levels and national policymakers towards the ring and highlight any potential barriers to launching the ring.