Digital skills revolution will create winners and losers in labour market

Genesis Analytics led the "Digital Economy - Classifying Drivers of Digital Work" workshop at the “UNLOCKING OPPORTUNITIES FOR YOUTH: Work | Innovation | Technology” event in Nairobi on Wednesday 23 May 2018.

This one-day convening by Mercy Corps brought together more than 100 thought leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, and practitioners to explore how technology and innovation can unlock new work opportunities for young women and men in Africa and address the persistent youth unemployment challenge. The intimate gathering will feature TED-style talks, curated panels, deep-dive breakouts and structured networking sessions

Alyna Wyatt and Amreen Choda of the Evaluation for Development practice at Genesis Analytics led the session how the digital revolution has not just changed how individuals work in traditional jobs; it has also enabled entirely new forms of work.

Amreen Choda and Alyna Wyatt at the event in Nairobi

During the workshop, Alyna and Amreen discussed how with the digital revolution, changes in the skills (digital and other) that youth will need to have in order to succeed in the digital economy.

Despite the creation of new potential work opportunities through the transformation of existing sectors and the creation of news sectors brought on by the ongoing digital revolution, rapid technological change is disrupting labour markets, creating winners and losers. 

Different jobs will involve different type and levels of digital skills and the evidence points to the growing importance of digital skills for work globally. The session with drew on research conducted by the Skills for Youth Employment (S4YE) multi-stakeholder coalition on building a typology of digital skills and digital work.

“Through an interactive engagement delving into the digital economy, we ask: what digital skills does your product/service demand of its users? What digital skills does your team have or need to grow? Genesis will close by understanding the various types of digital work & map what digital works we are currently creating and expect to as future demand expands.”

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