Genesis develops training workshop on understanding, changing customer behaviour

The Applied Behavioural Economics team are experts in understanding and changing human behaviour, allowing businesses to increase new sales by 44%, retention by 155%, and more. 

We have developed a two-day training workshop to help those who have read about nudges and biases, but are looking for a deeper understanding of how neuroscientific principles can help influence the thoughts and behaviours of customers, clients, and stakeholders.

The Behavioural Economics in Action training workshop will be hosted in Johannesburg on 12 and 13 September 2018 and due to the hands-on format, only be able to accommodate a small number of delegates. The overall objective, for the two days, will be to develop a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of behavioral economics and how they can be harnessed in designing environments to facilitate the “nudging of choice”.

Goals of the Training:

  • To introduce behavioural economics as a method of understanding and changing human behaviour
  • To explore the main behavioural biases and heuristics impacting human decision-making
  • To practice using behavioural economics to solve real world case studies
  • To map the process of designing and implementing a behavioural economics intervention using the ABE project framework

Total Cost: R10,700 per person with discounts available for group bookings

Participants: Management professionals and practitioners with five years’ experience, prepared to get their hands dirty in the messy world of customer behaviour change

Deadline for Applications: 31 August 2018

If you are keen to effect large-scale behaviour change through small changes to business processes, or simply understand your customers and clients better, please complete the following form

Applications now closed

If you need any further clarification or assistance, please email Emma Unite at