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Genesis maps Mozambique agri projects for Swiss programme

13 June 2017

As a regional leader in Market Systems Development, Genesis sits on the Strategic Advisory Committee of the SDC-funded InovAgro programme, a private sector-led agricultural development programme in Northern Mozambique.

InovAgro focusses on three interrelated components:

• Facilitating investment by private sector agribusinesses by lowering their risk of investing in new and innovative areas through co-investment.
• Supporting and strengthening apex bodies like APROSE, farmer associations, commodity groups and agribusiness associations to better engage with private sector market actors.
• Enhancing the capacity of agribusinesses, agribusiness service providers and relevant government departments to deliver demand-driven extension and technical assistance so as to increase farm and firm level efficiency.

Sydney Zharare, partner in the Agribusiness, Climate Change and Market Development practice at Genesis Analytics, said that the project's purpose was to inform the design of InovAgro’s third phase.

He said Genesis was commissioned by the SDC (Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation) to map the objectives and activities of on-going and upcoming agricultural development programmes in Mozambique with a focus on Northern Mozambique.

The project leader is Nokuzola Jenness, who is the manager of the practice.

The purpose of the scoping was to identify potential threats and opportunities for InovAgro phase III. With donor investment in Northern Mozambique on the rise, the study will enable InovAgro to effectively coordinate with existing and new donor programmes.

Genesis advises Swiss on Mozambique agri projects

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