​Genesis does brand study on new device to reduce HIV in Africa

Genesis Analytics is to conduct a brand study for a new device that promises to reduce HIV-1 infections in women between the ages of 18 and 45 years by about 30%.

Genesis was awarded a short-term contract by the International Partnership of Microbicides (IPM) for the branding study of the Dapivirine Vaginal Ring (DVR).

The ring, made of a flexible silicone matrix polymer, contains the ARV dapivirine, which is slowly released over the course of a month. It delivers the dapivirine directly at the site of potential infection. The long-acting ring and be replaced in women every month.

IPM plans to win regulatory approval and launch the DVR in several countries.

IPM has asked Genesis to test 10 potential brand names for the DVR in four countries: Uganda, Malawi, South Africa and Zimbabwe. Genesis will develop the data collection tools, conduct the focus groups with women in those countries, analyse the data and compile a report for IPM. This will ensure that IPM has brand names to include in regulatory packages for the Medicines Control Council of South Africa and the US Food and Drug Administration. This will also ensure that the names are locally relevant and appropriate in each country.