Genesis is M&E partner to Rockefeller Foundation’s Digital Jobs Africa initiative

Genesis Analytics has been awarded a two-year grant by The Rockefeller Foundation to serve as monitoring and evaluation (M&E) partner to their Digital Jobs Africa (DJA) initiative, which was set up in response to the challenge of widespread youth unemployment in Africa.

The Rockefeller Foundation launched the DJA initiative to catalyse new, sustainable employment opportunities and skills training for African youth, with a focus on the ICT sector. The goal of DJA is to influence change in business practice by demonstrating the value of impact sourcing and therefore contribute to the social and economic well-being of the youth and their circle of influence.

In the role of M&E partner, Genesis will identify and showcase the benefits of impact sourcing to encourage commitment amongst DJA’s corporate partners. Genesis will also facilitate real-time learning to ensure that DJA’s design and implementation delivers maximum benefits to youth participants and corporate partners. Finally, Genesis will support upward and downward accountability in terms of the funds that are disbursed.

Genesis has recently commenced its role as the DJA M&E partner. It is anticipated that this role will provide invaluable information; first, to Rockefeller and its grantees and partners in informing the implementation of the initiative; and second, to the global impact sourcing movement in providing evidence of the value of inclusive hiring.