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Glass half full or half empty: How Do Stories Affect Economic Value?

The global economic lockdown has made sticking to a well-diversified portfolio difficult: while we watch our efficiently allocated portfolios take a hit, our risk-seeking peers take concentrated positions in video-conferencing stocks and watch their wealth soar.

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COVID-19 pandemic: Is hoarding really as irrational as it's made out to be?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everyday life as we know it. The panic that set in among shoppers all over the world was a clear marker of just how uncertain and fearful people were becoming about their future.

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Covid-19 pandemic: We must plan using models, act on actual data

Models need to be adjusted by actual measurements, like the actual number of people who are dying from the disease. This means that models tend to be more inaccurate in the beginning, but get better at making predictions over time.

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Genesis launches two new ways to view the COVID-19 Epidemic

Genesis Analytics has launched two important and useful new tools for looking at and understanding the Covid-19 epidemic. This comes amid daily predictions and models that tell us how severely the Covid-19 epidemic will become in South Africa, as well as the rest of the continent.

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Genesis part of initiative to guide SA business in return2work

The Return2Work Initiative offers businesses clear and simple step-by-step guidance on re-opening and staying open, incorporating the key legal requirements and tools to minimise infection and maximise compliance. The initiative is led by Genesis Analytics, BSA, the PPGI and Harambee.

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Are we asking the right questions about unlocking the SA economy?

Genesis CEO Stephan Malherbe joined economists and business leaders at the CDE webinar on unlocking the South African economy. Malherbe argued that the more ready business is, the sooner the economy will be unlocked and that is why initiatives like are so important.

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Why should we still care about M&E during COVID-19?

The world is going through unprecedented change and to be adaptive during this time is extremely important. Now, more than ever, there is a need to be able to understand how people are being affected by the crisis and how this affects development interventions, both from an implementation perspective and an outcome/impact perspective so that programmes can pivot as necessary to better meet the needs of the beneficiaries and achieve the desired objectives.

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Responsible data collection is essential in times of crisis

The principle of “first, do no harm” is one of the promises taken by doctors as part of the Hippocratic Oath. In the time of COVID-19, this principle, now more than ever, should also guide how we as M&E practitioners approach data collection.

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Survival Advice for Africa’s Fintechs and MFIs from turnaround expert

The COVID19 crisis is an unprecedented challenge for businesses in the financial sector. In order to help our clients weather the storm, Genesis has partnered with Brad Magrath, a turnaround expert, to bring you in this guest column practical strategies for successfully managing your way through this difficult time.

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Finding ways to protect vulnerable societies

The COVID-19 pandemic has a disproportionately negative effect on already disadvantaged and marginalised populations. As you continue to implement and adapt your work to respond to COVID-19, the need to monitor and evaluate developmental efforts is greater than ever. Relevant and timely evidence is required to inform programme implementation.

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We must prioritise young people in our responses to COVID-19 pandemic

While young people are widely considered to be less vulnerable to the impacts of COVID-19, it would be a mistake to forget about them in our responses to the global pandemic - especially in Africa. The pandemic requires policymakers, donors, and the private sector to develop solutions that improve the resilience of Africa’s youth in these uncertain times. The Genesis Analytics Youth team looks at how we can prioritise young people in our responses to COVID-19.

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New Crisis, Old Tools - Scenario Planning in Financial Services

At times of extreme crisis and unpredictability, bank leaders do well to rely on trusted tools such as scenario planning. Scenario planning has an advantage over other “tools” as it allows leaders to think forward through different scenarios, establish indicators to determine when circumstances are moving from one scenario to another, and to plan accordingly. At Genesis we have been leveraging our combined expertise to work with clients to implement scenario planning processes during the COVID-19 crisis.

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South to South Learning Network: A case study from Kenya

Strategic insights on the role of the National AIDS Commissions in the COVID-19 response: A case study from Kenya. Genesis is the implementing partner for the network.


South to South Learning Network: A case study from Iran

Adapting HIV Prevention Programs to ensure continuity of services for key populations in the time of COVID-19: A case study from the Islamic Republic of Iran. Genesis is the implementing partner for the network.


What lessons are there for COVID-19 from the HIV pandemic

There is no vaccine available for either and there are no licensed pharmaceuticals for COVID-19, just as there was not for HIV in the early years. Population behaviour will determine the pandemic trajectory of COVID-19, just as it did for HIV. Health partner Saul Johnson was a co-author of “Three lessons for the COVID-19 response from pandemic HIV” in the April 13 2020 edition of the Lancet.



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