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Shared value and impact strategy

Shared value and impact strategy


As the world searches for a more inclusive form of capitalism, companies and investors need new commercial models and strategies with high positive social and environmental impact.

We work with leading companies and investors to design societal strategies and business models, not as corporate charity, but at the commercial core of the business.

In South Africa, we advise on meaningful transformation strategies including enterprise and supplier development, inclusive employment, and working with communities.



    Building a transformational approach to impact for Sappi

    Sappi, with its long-standing commitment to sustainability, needed a coherent strategy to further scale business and societal value creation. An important consideration, as one of the country’s largest land owners, was its relationship with rural communities.


    Designing a shared-value agri fund to finance rural land reform

    Land reform is the most pressing and emotional political issue in South Africa. Genesis Analytics was approached by a banking client to design a solution to support rural land reform and to transform the farming sector. The purpose of the fund was to support the transformation of sustainable large-scale commercial agricultural businesses owned by black South Africans.


    Unlocking lower-cost housing opens up $1.5-billion market

    Land reform is the most pressing and emotional political issue in South Africa. Genesis Analytics was approached by a banking client to design a solution to support urban land reform and the transformation of urban housing markets.


    Creative content can drive more inclusive supply chain

    Genesis was asked by a pan-African television and media company to design a more inclusive supply-chain strategy. This request came at a time of major disruption in the TV industry: entry of new competitors like Netflix, new platforms like internet and mobile TV, new technology like AI, and rapidly changing consumer habits.


    Designing a new value proposition for mining communities

    A global mining major asked Genesis to assist with the conceptualisation of a new value proposition for mining communities for the mining industry


    Strategic training in shared value for Barclays Africa

    Genesis was asked by Barclays Africa to design and present a series of training and strategic workshops for the top 100 leaders in the bank. This was part of changing the strategic direction of one of the largest companies in Africa, with more than 40,000 staff.


    Developmental investment strategy for biggest investor in Africa

    Genesis was asked to advise the Government Employees' Pension Fund, the largest investor in Africa, on the establishment of a developmental investment strategy. With $66 billion under management, the GEPF is one of the biggest pension funds in the world and the largest single investor in Africa.


    Bringing a R4-billion chicken project home to roost

    A BEE consortium approached the PIC, the largest asset manager in Africa, to fund the purchase of a poultry company. The PIC, in line with its developmental investment strategy, wanted to ensure that the social value of the transaction was maximised and asked Genesis to produce an independent social-impact strategy for the transaction.


    Design of social impact bond for SME development

    Genesis was hired by the National Treasury to conduct the design of a social impact bond in enterprise development.

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