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G:Connect Digital Toolkit

G:Connect Digital Toolkit


The G:Connect Toolkit is a suite of tools that the C0DE Team has at our disposal to support the research and analysis Genesis conducts for our clients. These tools are used to support the gathering, analyzing and visualizing of data to unlock value for our clients. The C0DE co-creates the intervention using design-thinking methodology to understand our clients' needs, define the problem statement, and brainstorm solutions.


    Digital Surveys

    Using mobile phones to connect with difficult to reach survey respondents across the continent via SMS, Facebook Messenger, IVR or WhatsApp chatbots


    Showcasing data and information in a practical way for clients so they may make informed decisions

    Digital Solutions

    Supporting the ideation and design of digital solutions ranging from AI bots, recommendation engines, apps, toolkits or information dissemination solutions

    Big Data

    Providing analysis and synthesis of large datasets including data cleaning, building databases, and various large data analysis techniques


    Understanding in relation to geographic location using geo-spatial software to map catchment areas, weather patterns or demographic composition



    Data intelligence tool to track risk of covid overwhelming healthcare systems

    At the start of the COVID-19 epidemic in South Africa, Genesis Analytics developed a useful tool for looking at and understanding the impact of the epidemic on the healthcare system.


    Opportunity to transform public healthcare service delivery in Ghana

    Genesis Analytics partnered with a private foundation, and key stakeholders in the public, private and NGO sectors in Ghana to develop a transformational vision for the use of digital technologies, especially in the north of the country, which suffers serious backlogs in terms of healthcare services and health indicators.


    A mobile solution to supporting HIV treatment adherence

    MenConnect is an innovative approach to supporting HIV treatment initiation and adherence among men living with HIV in South Africa. Genesis was responsible for crafting behaviourally informed messages that are timed to the treatment journey milestones and tailored per psychographic segment.

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