Interested in a career in competition and regulatory economics

The work of our Competition and Regulatory Economics (CRE) practice involves the application of rigorous theoretical and empirical economic analysis. As part of a young and dynamic team, you will assist us in providing economic analysis on high-profile matters that shape the future operations of our clients and the industries in which they operate. 

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Our 2018 graduates

Twelve analysts officially joined us February 2018 and have settled into the following practices: Applied Behavioural Economics, Competition and Regulatory Economics, Evaluation for Development, Financial Services Strategy, and Infrastructure and PPP and Advisory. They bring a vast amount of knowledge holding different qualifications from Wits, UCT, UP, University of California, Strathclyde, Barcelona Graduate School of Economics and the University of Oxford. 

Welcome to Genesis. We wish you well during your time at the firm.

We recruit master's graduates from the major South African universities to join as analysts. On occasion, honours students may also be recruited into the firm. External junior hires with up to one year's working experience may also be recruited in the firm - all as analysts. 

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What is the process?

Applications are received and screened against required skills, competencies and experience. 

  • Applications open 12 March - 30 April  
  • Shortlisted candidates will be notified in the week of 7 - 11 May 
  • All longlisted candidates will be asked to complete an online case study assessment. This will take place on 14 May so please do ensure that you would be able to complete the assessment on that day  
  • Shortlisted candidates will be notified of HR interviews from 17 - 22 May  
  • All shortlisted candidates will be required to do an online video interview in the week of 18 - 22 June  
  • The further shortlisted candidates will undergo a panel interview at Genesis's office between 9 - 13 July  
  • Offers will be made to successful candidates in the week of 23 - 27 July  

Genesis Analytics is an equal-opportunity employer. Preference is given to candidates from designated groups (i.e. South African Indian, Coloured and African candidates), as defined in the Employment Equity Act (No. 55 of 1998). 

Applications closed on 30 April 

The Genesis Deal

  • Meaningful work
  • Passionate, talented teams
  • Professional, challenging and supportive environment
  • Building skills
  • Career ladder
Meaningful work

Genesis's commitment:

Intellectually interesting work on projects

We try to do work that unlocks value 

Build skills, such as empirics, logic, creativity in problem-solving, teamwork and effective communication, through analytical tasks on projects 

Exposure to important and topical issues, key meetings and decision-makers 

The problems you will apply your skill and enthusiasm to are real-world challenges, usually at a senior level of decision-maker, whether in business or government, and occasionally of a high public profile

Your commitment:

High standards of professionalism, ethics and excellence 

Be committed, work hard and be prepared for every meeting, speak up and contribute intellectually; and have faith in your ability to add value

Help guard our professionalism, values and Code of Ethics

Be respectful and helpful to every client

Confidential work needs to be treated with utmost discretion

You will not charge dishonestly for your work and will complete a time sheet of how your day is spent, honestly

You will try your hardest on every project and deliver the best work you can in every instance – always looking for the ‘plus ultra’ (going further beyond)

Your work should always add value to the project and you should apply your own level of scrutiny to ensure accuracy and reliability

Communicate your interest and passions, so this can be taken into account

What you put in is what you get out

Passionate, talended teams

Genesis's commitment:

Genesis is a team experience. Learning how to be effective in a team is a critical part of your self-development

At Genesis you will be surrounded by energised and talented individuals who are passionate about what they are doing

You will work for managers who believe in and practise our values

You will work in teams of two to six people, each assembled for a specific project. Outside specialists and/or client staff will often be part of your team. A project leader will assign you specific responsibilities in the team. The blend of discipline and informality in teams is key to the G: experience

Your commitment:

Working constructively in teams is a part of your life at Genesis – ‘make the team succeed first’

Intellectual debates are part of the process, to ensure the most robust ideas are put forward, so challenge and be challenged

You are expected to learn to deal with conflict and disagreement directly and constructively

In line with our values, you are expected to contribute to the development of other people. The more you build those around you, the more highly you are valued

You should credit others for their efforts and celebrate their successes

Professional, challenging and supportive environment

Genesis's commitment:

The Genesis working environment is professional, stimulating, challenging, fun and supportive

You will be equipped technologically to do your job efficiently on and off site

You will be provided with breakfast and lunch every day

There will be social events to celebrate milestones and successes together

You will often be given the chance to work and travel to other countries

You will be treated with trust and judged by the quality of your work rather than levels of time at your desk

Your commitment:

Work-life balance is a guiding principle of Genesis and we try to honour that

At times you will be expected to work hard and with great intensity

You are expected to work efficiently and effectively

You should be on time every day  

You may work long hours, including late nights and weekend work, even on short notice (this will be the exception rather than the norm)

Expect this to be an intense experience: you will work hard and contribute meaningfully

Building skills

Genesis's commitment:

We will assess and help you build the core professional skills you need to succeed as a Genesis consultant, through on-project work and externally 

We commit to honestly evaluate your performance formally every six months – in this process your progress will be noted and praised and your development goals identified – these goals will be monitored and supported for the next semester

You will also be given constant feedback – both positive and developmental – on an informal basis

You will also be provided with the opportunities and channels to give upward feedback

Your commitment:

Your professional and personal development and growth is your responsibility

Give time and thought to your evaluation, and to be ‘mindful’ of your performance. The feedback you are given will be honest and supportive; you should take it in that vein and not be defensive towards constructive criticism

Request feedback as often as required, and especially after each project

Use every working chance to grow yourself

Take the responsibility to invest in self-education in the areas you are working in, reading articles and reports in your own time – as well as keeping up with current affairs

Share knowledge and skills with your colleagues

Career ladder

Genesis's commitment:

You are promoted on performance. When you are judged as ready for promotion you will be promoted, even if this is ahead of your peers

There is a clear career path from analyst through to partner, with regular milestones along the way. In the first two years, our priority is to ensure that you will be equipped by structured personal development to make the transition from analyst to associate

We also recognise that consulting is not for everyone; in the unlikely case that you cannot make the transition to associate, or beyond, we shall honestly share these views and work with you to develop other options

Whether you stay at Genesis for two years or 20, your selection and time here are intended to serve as a stamp of your quality and strength as a professional – a launching pad for many careers in many settings

Your commitment:

Make it happen

Experienced Hires

Genesis recruits experienced professionals. We value the expertise that previous professional experience brings to our teams.

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Project Hires

Genesis has completed more than 900 assignments in over 35 countries across Africa, Asia and the Middle East. As we grow our portfolio of projects, we seek equally talented associate consultants to collaborate with on project-specific engagements.

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Cobie Hönicke

Senior Recruitment Specialist

Cobie Hönicke
Senior Recruitment Specialist
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​Zandile Shabangu

Grad Recruitment Specialist

​Zandile Shabangu
Grad Recruitment Specialist
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Genesis Recruits:


Graduate recruitment for 2019 is now closed.

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How do I apply for an Internship

We have a structured internship programme for all our bursary students. However, as project requirements change regularly, we encourage all interested students to submit applications for internships.

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Genesis Bursaries

The Genesis Educational Foundation Trust (GEFT) bursary is the educational arm of Genesis Analytics. The principal objective of the foundation is to support the educational and professional development of young people in the designated groups, as described by the Employment Equity Act 55 of 1998, in the discipline of Economics and related fields.

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