Vuna looks for models for climate-smart agriculture

Project name:
Vuna CSA Innovation Model Analysis

Market systems development

Agriculture and Agribusiness
Climate Change

DFID Climate Smart Agriculture Programme (Vuna)

2017 - 2018


Vuna commissioned a climate-smart agricultural (CSA) innovation models impact analysis that aims to assess select Vuna Agriculture Development Facility (ADF) projects to identify intervention pathways to sustained climate resilience at scale. 

The research seeks to validate the extent to which select Vuna innovation models are delivering CSA solutions that enable smallholder farmers to cope better with and adapt to climate change. 

The action research seeks to identify any specific conditions necessary for the success of these innovations, with a view to understand the potential for replication and scale-up. The action research focused on a subset of Vuna innovation models operating across five thematic areas: extension services, finance, livestock, out-growers, and seed systems.

The CSA models impact analysis will deliver three sets of papers:  

• Five in-depth research papers that assess (a) the innovation model’s contribution to building farmer and market resilience to climate risks; (b) the innovation model’s potential for replication and scale-up; and (c) the model’s success drivers, or drawbacks and the conditions under which future interventions can achieve greater impacts.  
• Five thematic papers that categorise CSA innovation model typologies in the relevant thematic areas in order to understand (a) the different typologies relative contribution to building farm and market resilience, sustainably and at scale; (b) the typologies’ drivers of success or drawbacks; (c) the conditions under which future innovation models could achieve greater impact.   
• One synthesis paper on the factors that contributed to innovation model’s success in building resilience, sustainably and at scale, including recommendations to inform the design of future climate smart agricultural programmes.


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