We are living in an unprecedented time of uncertainty, but decisions made now will have a tremendous impact on the social and economic wellbeing of society as the COVID pandemic evolves. While it is important to understand the limitations of available information on the crisis, smart data products can help to make rapid decisions on the best available evidence. Genesis has developed two data intelligence tools related to the COVID crisis which help decision makers, and anyone else who is interested, to understand how the crisis is unfolding and where actions may be required.

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Is Africa Flattening the Curve provides an interactive dashboard reporting on the spread of the virus, its fatality rate, and the response in testing across all African countries that have 100 cumulative cases or more. Compare the rate of spread of the virus across multiple countries, including your own selection of international benchmarks, or dive deeper into the spread of the virus at a provincial level in South Africa.

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The Healthcare Risk Calculator provides a quick tool for estimating the strain on the healthcare system by forecasting the amount of ICU beds that will be required over the next two weeks. Input your own data to see how your district, region or country's healthcare risk profile will likely evolve over the next two weeks. This is a useful tool to support decisions about healthcare resources and lockdown levels.

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Read more Genesis news and insights on the COVID pandemic below.

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A data-first mindset will arm Africa against the pandemic

As the Covid-19 pandemic evolves in Africa, the desire for certainty, a deluge of global information and scarcity of authoritative findings all create the risk of misinformation. As with written news on the pandemic, we need to be responsible in how we consume and share data.

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Investments in EdTech: Looking beyond the COVID-19 lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused massive disruption to education globally, forcing school systems across the world to close. As mitigation measures are considered to preserve education outcomes, the discussion has largely revolved around the role that education technology (EdTech) can play in enabling remote learning.

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Helping governments make tough calls in COVID age

The impact of the COVID-19 crisis is dramatic in terms of immediate loss of human life and many families suffer profoundly. While the epidemic rages across the world, all efforts should now be focused on preventing the worst scenarios from coming true.

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The six steps needed to control the Covid-19 epidemic

Epidemiologists are worriers. We like to think of ourselves as warriors, of course, but if you spend your professional time counting illness and deaths you worry a lot about diseases like COVID-19. Head of the Health practice Saul Johnson outline the six steps we need to take.

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Bridging the digital divide is crucial in the battle against Covid-19

Any doubts as to the severity of the Covid-19 pandemic ended when South Africa went into a full-scale lockdown. Manager of Digital Economy team Mark Schoeman writes that none will feel it more than our country’s poor who do not have access to the digital coping strategies that are being put forward.

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Using behavioural economics to change behaviour in Nigeria, Kenya

Genesis is working with the National Orientation Agency in Nigeria and the Ministry of Health in Kenya to provide daily nudges on how, through social media, to avoid COVID-19.

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Will mobile money curb spread of Covid-19 in East Africa?

The World Health Organisation’s advisory that cash can carry the virus for several days doesn’t bode well for a continent whose main mode of payment is cash. East Africa seems better placed to curb the spread of the virus thanks to the proliferation of mobile money - and because mobile money users can pay each other without physical contact.

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What lessons are there for COVID-19 from the HIV pandemic

There is no vaccine available for either and there are no licensed pharmaceuticals for COVID-19, just as there was not for HIV in the early years. Population behaviour will determine the pandemic trajectory of COVID-19, just as it did for HIV. Health partner Saul Johnson was a co-author of “Three lessons for the COVID-19 response from pandemic HIV” in the April 13 2020 edition of the Lancet.



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